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Hello! We are Alex and Emily Sims. We are first generation farmers who are in our fifth year of running a small-scale regenerative farm business raising healthy chickens on the pasture for meat and eggs. We are situated in the Macedon Ranges, just outside Kyneton on the lush river flats of Rockhouse Farm which we are blessed to help manage and run our poultry operations on in unison with Rockhouse’s pasture raised cows. We are passionate about ethical animal husbandry, understanding local ecology, enhancing soil and pasture health and building relationships along the way. We believe locally grown, wholesome food is at the heart of healthy communities!


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We are often asked this question - a pasture raised or "pastured" chicken is simply one that experiences its life on real, grass pasture instead of confinement indoors a shed or cage or outdoors in a fenced "area". Our chickens are moved onto fresh pasture every day and are free to express their chickeness by scratching in the grass, foraging for bugs and insects, and are exposed constantly to sunshine and fresh air. We do not use hormones, antibiotics or vaccinations and supplement their wild forage with a protein rich, wholegrain feed that is Australian grown and free from GMOs.


Hand to Ground

121 Lavenders Lane

Kyneton, Victoria, 3444



Alex Sims - ‭0409 577 745

Emily Sims - ‭0408 857 659‬


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